The Chicago Bears have enough problems dealing with the Green Bay Packers every year. Aaron Rodgers makes their life beyond difficult. Such is the reality of taking on a Hall of Fame quarterback. The last thing they want to hear is that this same quarterback is getting talented weapons. Already they’ve added Jimmy Graham at tight end and have since drafted three wide receivers. Plenty right? Well, it seems Dez Bryant may be a possible cherry on that sundae.

Or at least that’s what Jason Witten thinks. The future Hall of Fame tight end elected to retire this off-season after a stellar career with the Dallas Cowboys. Much of it spent as a teammate to the mercurial wide receiver. Few have a greater access to Bryant’s thought process than him. It would seem rather fitting his first inside scoop would come courtesy of that connection.

Witten told Adam Schefter on his ESPN podcast that he believes the veteran target will join Rodgers in Green Bay.

Dez Bryant with Aaron Rodgers is a not a welcome fantasy for the Bears

Football is a wacky sport filled with tons of irony. Bryant is, of course, most famous for the non-catch in the playoffs against the Packers back in 2014. How fitting it would be were he to join the team that stole such a victory from him long ago. Bryant isn’t the same elite player he was back then but he’s still young enough to have some productivity left in him. Pairing that sort of talent with DaVante Adams, Randall Cobb and Graham would make for quite an arsenal Rodgers could use.

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All this being said, it’s still a stretch. Bryant is a notorious headcase known for his high maintenance in the locker room. Green Bay isn’t the type of franchise to usually take on such players. Granted, they do have a new GM in charge and they did sign Muhammad Wilkerson who had similar misgivings. Perhaps the Packers’ desire to win another Super Bowl before the Rodgers window closes is getting too strong to resist.

If nothing else this is a reminder to the Chicago Bears. Their rivals are also striving to get better too. In order to be the best team, you have to beat the best teams. The Packers signing Bryant might make that task harder, but it wouldn’t change anything. If they believe themselves a contender, then they’ll beat Green Bay regardless.