The Atlanta Braves have the highest-scoring offense in the National League and Yu Darvish only gave up one run against them on Tuesday. Darvish looked awesome for the Cubs in his first start coming off the DL because of the flu, but Joe Maddon pulled him after four innings.

There was a lot of speculation on why Darvish came out after only throwing 61 pitches and after the Cubs came back to win 3-2, Maddon explained why and of course fans started to complain.

Darvish had leg cramps.

Everyone knows about the fifth-inning troubles for Darvish this season, allowing 14 runs in the fifth through his first six starts. We didn’t get to see him pitch into the fifth Tuesday, but it wasn’t his decision.

If it really was because of the leg cramping, then I’m completely on board with the decision. It’s the middle of May, long way to go and there’s no reason to push it.

And honestly the Cubs fans who were and are still bitching about Darvish, read the replies, there are a lot, why are you so mad? Yeah, Darvish has been brutal in his first month and a half with the Cubs, but guess what, he’s going to be good and did you not see him pitch against the best offense in the league?

Darvish only allowed three hits and the lone run surrendered came on a 360-foot home run that just snuck out in right field. Darvish struck out five and his slider was absurd.

His stuff was as good as it’s been this year. Are you really so pissed off because they were being cautious with a starter on May 15? C’mon, get a grip.

All this talk about Darvish being soft is garbage.

Oh, and stop thinking about Jake Arrieta. He had a chance to come back to the Cubs. He said no and took less money to go somewhere else. Forget him. He’s gone and he’s not coming back.

Yu Darvish is here and he will make a lot more players look stupid swinging a bat.