Ah, trade rumor season!

Michael Porter Jr., arguably the best wing scorer in the draft, could potentially slip out of the top-5 due to a back injury, and if that happens the re-tooling Clippers will be trying to move up to get him.

“The Clippers are open to moving up in the draft, according to multiple league executives. They’re armed with picks nos. 12 and 13, and have the assets to get creative. A front office exec said that Michael Porter Jr. is a possible target for the Clippers, who could slide the forward into their modernized system as a go-to scorer. Funnily enough, later that day, Clippers owner Steve Ballmer paused his own interview session with reporters to stand and listen behind a media scrum around Porter.”

Well, in order to swing a deal with the Bulls, the Clippers would definitely need to get creative.

The NBA isn’t the NFL, packaging mid-first round picks together typically isn’t enough to leapfrog five or more spots in the draft. Especially in this hypothetical scenario because the Bulls already have an extra 1st-rounder this year.

After taking a look at the Clippers roster, I don’t think they have the pieces to get creative enough to convince the Bulls to trade back, especially if Porter is available. Jawun Evans, a 2nd-round pick in 2017 who didn’t show a whole lot this past season, is the only player on their roster under 30 with two years left of team control.

If Porter is still on the board at 7 and the Clippers come calling, expect that call to be blocked real quick.