Michael Reinsdorf must have put on the wrong pair of socks this morning because even with the NBA draft lottery taking place in Chicago, there was no luck for the Bulls tonight in the Palmer House Ball Room.

The Chicago Bulls will pick seventh, with the Phoenix Suns getting the number one pick.

The Atlanta Hawks will pick second, followed by the Sacramento Kings at third.

The Bulls had a 27-55 record last season, which had them tied with the Sacramento Kings for the sixth-worst record. The Bulls had a 5.3 percent chance of landing the first pick in the draft and an 18.3 percent chance of picking in the top three.

Twice the Bulls have won the NBA Draft Lottery. Most notably in 2008, the Bulls won the lottery despite having just a 1.7 percent chance and selected point guard and Englewood native Derrick Rose out of Memphis. In 1999, the Bulls won with a 15.7 percent chance and selected power forward Elton Brand out of Duke.