Last week a strong rumor emerged about a possible Chicago Bears trade in the first round of the draft. GM Ryan Pace is interested in a move down. His goal is to gain an extra pick or two after losing a healthy amount last year due to the Mitch Trubisky trade with San Francisco. It’s not a bad idea. The challenge is finding a team that wants to move up. One who will pay a price that Pace deems fair for his team.

In such situations, there is one position far more than any other that gets movement in the first round. That’s quarterbacks. The Bears can consider themselves fortunate. Looking at the board as is, there are seven teams within striking distance of their #8 pick with varying degrees of need at the QB position. This certainly increases the number of suitors.

The question of course is will any of them bite. If so, which one? Answering this often comes down to desperation factor and the QB available. One notable expert seems to think Chicago is a prime landing spot if UCLA’s Josh Rosen ends up falling as some have predicted he will.

Arizona seems like the ideal Chicago Bears trade partner

Among the seven teams who could move up on April 26th with the Bears, none hold that desperations factor more than the Arizona Cardinals. Right now their two best options at QB are Sam Bradford and Mike Glennon. Bradford has glass where his knees should be. Glennon fell flat on his face in Chicago last year. Not ideal. That’s why Mike Jurecki of 98.7 Arizona’s Sports Radio Station believes they have every intention of moving up.

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This idea holds plenty of merits. It’s not just because Rosen is one of the top-rated quarterbacks in the class either. He’s also widely considered the most pro-ready. He was developed at UCLA by former NFL head coach Jim Mora Jr. He already has a good grasp of what to expect in the big league. That ideal for Arizona, who may prefer to just start fresh rather than play out a pointless epilogue with Bradford or Glennon.

Gaining the #47 pick would secure three total picks in the top 50 for the Bears. That would present a huge opportunity for Pace to infuse his young roster with three major contributors. Given the success he had with five picks total in 2017, having three that high likely would seem like Aladdin finding the magic lamp for Pace. If nothing else, this is proof that despite not needing one themselves, eyes of Bears fans should be locked on the quarterbacks when the draft begins.