It was already discussed in a previous article whether the Dez Bryant to Bears idea held merit. Conclusions were it did. Thanks to the exit of Cam Meredith, a still healthy salary cap and more open-minded head coach in Matt Nagy it’s not something that could be dismissed. Yet one question lingers amidst this. Do the Bears even want Bryant?

That’s hard to answer. They certainly won’t say publicly. So it’s left to speculation. Bryant is not the star receiver he was from 2012 to 2014 when he was almost unstoppable. The past couple seasons have been marred by steady regression and injury. It doesn’t look like he has the same explosion he used. Not good for a receiver who was never that fast to begin with.

Even so at age 29, there’s a chance he has some gas left in the tank. Maybe if he went to a team that didn’t need him to be the #1 guy, he could rekindle some of that old magic. Chicago now qualifies in that regard after signing Allen Robinson. Yet he’s not the player who is already making a pitch for this to happen.

Danny Trevathan wants Dez Bryant to Bears

One would think an offensive player or coach would be making the first initial push for Bryant in Chicago. Instead, that honor goes to, of all people, linebacker Danny Trevathan. He took to Twitter after the Bryant news dropped and quickly hit him up to ignore other options and don the navy blue and orange.

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This looked like a pipe dream at first. Bryant made it clear his first desire was to find a team within the NFC East so he’d have a chance to play the Cowboys twice. This is not the first case of a player wanting revenge for a perceived slight. Sadly for him, interest needs to be mutual in these situations. Initial feelers from the rest of the division? Not great.

On the one hand, this means Bryant won’t get his wish to play Dallas twice in 2018. At least not without a playoff run. On the other, this opens the door for the Bears to make a run at him if they are anywhere near as interested as Trevathan seems to be.