One of the things that are often misunderstood about football players is how much they love the game. Most of them anyway. They live and breath it 24/7, 365 days a year. Akiem Hicks is one of those types. He doesn’t just play it on the field or watch it at home either. The Chicago Bears defensive end is also a huge player of Madden as well.

So much in fact that he enjoys challenging his teammates from time to time. This became the case for newly re-signed cornerback Prince Amukamara. The two got together for an online gaming session on April 11th. Hicks, of course, chose the Bears while Amukamara elected to go with the Atlanta Falcons. One would think the cornerback had the edge with Atlanta reaching the playoffs each of the past two years.

Hicks proceeded to inform him that was not the case. By the time the game was winding down, it was clear Amukamara hadn’t known what he’d gotten into. Amidst a 27-6 beatdown, the corner decided to depart the game early. That would prove to be a mistake.

Hicks took to Instagram to call him out on it.

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Akiem Hicks proves he’s merciless to both teammates and opponents

Further proof that few people can match Hicks for his intensity and his competitiveness. To utterly whip your own teammate in a video game and then call him out for quitting on social media where you have thousands of followers? That’s ice cold. One can only imagine how many other members of the Bears roster he’s done this too. It would be fun to know if quarterback Mitch Trubisky is among that number. That feels like a rivalry people would pay to see.

Either way, Amukamara now knows that it’s probably best to steer clear of public appearances for a while. One can only imagine the heat he’ll get from other guys in the locker room over this.