Unlike my first Cubs spring training game of 2018, I didn’t witness a murder at Sloan Park, but there was almost a death. Me.

Well, me and every single Cubs fan at Sloan Park Thursday, when they beat the San Diego Padres 10-4. See, the major news from the game was when Javier Baez left in the second inning after he hit a double. He felt something in his hamstring and Cubs fans were on high alert.

Luckily, Baez said he’s fine, so we’re all good.

But holy fucking shit that was nothing compared to what almost happened to Anthony Rizzo.

The Baez panic was probably over blown because Thursday’s game wasn’t televised and hamstring injuries can be so unpredictable. However, there’s nothing scarier than seeing two players running full speed and colliding on the field.

I bet there was no one more afraid at what could have happened than Cubs prospect Chesny Young. He came in for Baez and then on a foul pop up down the right-field line, Young sprinted over to try and make the catch. The one problem being that so was Rizzo. Young collided with Rizzo, sending both players to the ground and everyone at Sloan Park held their breath.

Luckily, and this is nothing against Young, but luckily Rizzo got right up, dusted himself off and was fine. The Cubs trainer came out and Young eventually walked off the field under his power.

We’ve already seen a tragic collision in 2016, but I don’t think I could have stomached another one, especially when it’s a spring training game and it’s Rizzo.

As for Young, the Cubs are saying he only has a contusion.

Via Cubs.com.

“We’re saying contusion,” Maddon said of Young, who has a bruise on his head. “I have not heard the word ‘concussion’ at all. We still want to watch him. When he got hit like that, he said, ‘I want to stay in the game,’ but I can’t let that happen. I thought we did the right thing. I hope we are correct that it is a contusion.”

Meanwhile, since Thursday’s game, Baez still says he feels something in the hamstring, so they’re taking it easy.

“It’s still there, it’s still bothering him a bit,” manager Joe Maddon said of the soreness. “We’re trying to figure out exactly what’s going on.”

Let’s hope it really isn’t anything serious and that it completely goes away because nagging hamstring injuries are the worst.

In other injury news, Carrie Muskat says Pedro Strop is expected to pitch in a game next week. He’s been sidelined with a calf issue. Strop did throw a bullpen session Thursday.

Willson Contreras hasn’t played since Tuesday. He’s been out because of a fever.

Finally, shoutout to this lovely fan, who was on the edge of her seat since first pitch on Thursday. Gotta respect the devotion even when it’s only spring training baseball.