Along with the other night’s overtime win against the Avalanche, more positive news comes for the Blackhawks as they are welcoming newly acquired prospect, Victor Ejdsell.

The Blackawks obtained Ejdsell as part of the trade that sent Hartman and the Blackhawks’ 2018 fifth-round pick to Nashville in exchange for Ejdsell and the Predators’ 2018 first- and fourth-round picks.

Last May, 22 year-old Ejdsell, who is 6’5″ and 213 pounds, originally decided to sign with the Predators over the Blackhawks and Red Wings as an unrestricted free agent.

During his current season with Sweeden team BIK Karlskoga, Ejdsell has played 48 games; he has had 32 points, 18 goals and 14 assists.

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According to Ejdsell, he now has more confidence with the puck and has improved at handling it a lot this season, which means that he could hopefully provide some offensive help to the Blackhawks (in the future) who have 190 goals for this season.

When Petrik Bexell of SB Nation questioned Ejdsell by stating, “You have played almost a whole season since we spoke last time. How do you think you have developed during this season?”

Ejdsell’s response showed an improved sense of confidence:

“I have more confidence with the puck, and I’m stronger at the puck. That was the main key for me in the beginning, I think, to get stronger to… feel confident with the puck and using my body and my reach and everything to give my teammates better opportunities and scoring chances. I think I’ve improved at that quite a lot later on this season.”

Only fifteen games are left in this dreadful season and then the much-awaited offseason will begin, a time when the team will rebuild and refresh just in time for October.