It seems the Chicago Bears felt they were onto something back in 2013. No team in recent memory had constructed a wide receiving corps quite like they had. Most usually typify a mix of speed with one guy providing the size. Former GM Phil Emery instead decided to focus on finding players who were big and physical. He traded for Brandon Marshall (6’4″), signed Martellus Bennett (6’6″) and drafted Alshon Jeffery (6’3″). Together they helped the Bears field the best passing offense in 18 years that season. The Allen Robinson signing hints this new offense wants to get that magic back.

It began in 2015 when Pace secured the 6’3″ Kevin White with the teams’ first round pick. Then they signed the 6’3″ Cameron Meredith as an undrafted free agent out of Illinois State. Two years later they spent their second round pick on big 6’6″ tight end Adam Shaheen out of Ashland. Now Robinson arrives bringing his own rangy 6’3″ frame from Jacksonville.

Robinson was easily the best receiver on the free agent market. A big body with sharp route running skills. Truly the only one who approached WR1 territory, making this a, pardon the pun, huge get for the Bears. He should form an instant connection with Mitch Trubisky and will learn to love his new QBs’ accuracy.

Allen Robinson completely flips the script on Bears offense

Can one signing actually change the entire dynamic of a passing offense overnight? Yes. Robinson is that sort of talent, but it’s not just him. The arrival of Matt Nagy and his upgraded offensive coaching staff will overhaul the scheme, making life so much easier for the receivers and Trubisky. There’s also the pending return of Meredith, almost fully recovered from the ACL he tore in preseason last year. If he’s at full strength the Bears could be getting a receiver who was poised to emerge.

This group, crazy as it sounds, may carry even more potential than that great unit five years ago. That’s due in large part to their great quickness, speed, and route running skill. They may not possess the same physical strength and ability to win 50/50 situations as Marshall and Jeffery but it’s all relative. Robinson is a playmaker. Everything the Bears didn’t have last year. Whether he’s the only one they end up signing remains to be seen. There are still plenty of quality targets out there and the Bears have loads of cap space available.

Five years ago the Bears finished fifth in passing with Marshall and Jeffery both going to the Pro Bowl. The scary part is this Bears offense has even more potential since it’s Nagy and Trubisky at the top instead of Marc Trestman and Josh McCown/Jay Cutler.