ESPN forgetting the Chicago White Sox won the 2005 World Series was bad, considering that you know, they’re the “worldwide leader in sports,” but “Wheel of Fortune” not even acknowledging the team is from the city when the show is literally in CHICAGO! C’mon, Pat Sajak!

On Tuesday, “Wheel of Fortune,” had a Chicago-themed episode as a part of its Great American Cities week and one of the answers included the five major professional teams from the city. Well, all of them except for the White Sox.

It’s been a rough year for the South Siders in terms of gaining any respect from the media.

Here’s a quick summary of the times the White Sox have been completely forgotten about via the Chicago Tribune.

Over the past two years, ESPN twice had to apologize for forgetting the White Sox from some playoff-related trivia.

— First the network tried to put the Cubs and Indians World Seriesface-off into context, listing all the Chicago and Cavaliers teams that had won titles since 1965, but it left out the 2005 White Sox.

— Then they said last season’s Dodgers and the 1998 Yankees were the only two teams “in the Wild Card Era to win the World Series with 2 losses or fewer.” Not true, the ‘05 White Sox went 11-1 in the postseason.

CBS also slighted the Sox, saying Chicago hadn’t seen a World Series game in 71 years, then corrected themselves to say Wrigley Field.

You could argue that given the format of the answer it would be tough to fit in White Sox, but what’s the point of it if you can’t actually have all five teams.

By the way, it is also bullshit that the first guess wasn’t given credit for the correct answer because the contestant Brad added an “and” after saying Bulls.

I guess Pat did say, “don’t add anything,” but what’s up with these unnecessary technicalities?

So yeah, people get to make jokes about the White Sox being ignored, but let’s not forget that Brad got absolutely screwed here. Fuck off, Wheel of Fortune. Be better Pat Sajak.

Also, you know you wanted to watch it again. Shoutout, Julian from Indiana.