Yu Darvish was officially introduced as the newest member of the Chicago Cubs and Theo Epstein made it clear that Darvish was the team’s number one target this offseason.

Before the Darvish signing was reported on Saturday, Bob Nightengale wrote about the lack of contact the Cubs had with Jake Arrieta this offseason. Everyone saw the velocity dip in 2017 for Arrieta and how he simply wasn’t the same dominant pitcher as the previous two seasons. However, with most of the free agents not signing a week before the start of spring training, were the Cubs really not considering Arrieta at all?

Remember the Jon Heyman report from Sunday that said Epstein made a last-minute offer to Arrieta before signing Darvish? Almost everyone put no stock behind that report and during Tuesday’s press conference Epstein said what we all already believed.

Darvish was the guy since day one.

We know the Cubs flew to Dallas in December to meet with Darvish face-to-face, but the talks between the two began at the GM meetings and continued throughout the winter.

As for that meeting Dallas, it appears to have been the turning point in Darvish’s mind, who said he fell in love with the Cubs at that time.

It also helps that Darvish’s wife loves Chicago.

And as far as the World Series performance goes, Epstein isn’t worried about it all.

As a matter of fact, Epstein said that experience will only motivate Darvish more.

Quickly back to Arrieta. Despite not coming back to the Cubs, Epstein made it a point to praise 2015 Cy Young Award winner.

So, Darvish to the Cubs is official at six years for $126 million. You can see all the contract details here.

And finally a few other highlights from the press conference.

Darvish will No. 11 with the Cubs.