For those who have the pleasure of knowing me, they know that I’ve always had a bit of a love affair with Jay Cutler. Don’t believe me? Here are a few examples:

The list goes on.

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Sure, the former Chicago Bears quarterback frustrated me to no end at times. But I don’t think I’ve ever rooted harder for anybody to succeed. I continued to cheer for him during his brief stint in Miami, and can’t wait to hear him in the FOX booth next year when the NFL returns. I’m a fan for life, Smokin’ Jay memes and GIFs included.

So you can imagine my happiness when it was revealed that Cutler will appear on a new reality TV show starring his wife, Kristin Cavallari. The show is supposed to revolve around their (especially Cavallari’s) new life in Nashville, where they moved shortly after leaving Chicago. The two have settled down nicely, maintaining their home there even when Cutler left for Miami.

This was my reaction to the report:

I’m not a big reality TV guy (read: not at all), but the chance to see Cutler appear in his natural element is super enticing. I’m a fan of dry wit, which is why I always found his press conferences and weekly radio shows during the Lovie Smith era a breath of fresh air. If you’ve never heard them, go back and give them a listen, especially his radio show segments with Tom Waddle and Marc Silverman of ESPN 1000. There’s some absolute gold buried in there.

You may also recall that Cutler and Cavallari both had guest appearances on The League, a semi-scripted sitcom about fantasy football. Here’s a clip:

I think he did a great job. Bravo, Cutty.

The chance to watch Cutler AND hear him dish his football knowledge on NFL broadcasts next fall? Sign me up.

And my response to you if you’re judging me: Doooooooooooooooon’t Caaaaaaaaare.