Jordan Howard is the best player on the Chicago Bears offense. There is no way to argue that fact. He’s a two-time Pro Bowl running back who has posted two-straight seasons of 1,000 yards rushing. No other Bears back in history has accomplished that feat in their first two seasons. One would imagine that Howard would be justified feeling a little cocky, a little important about it.

In truth, he was the Bears offense in 2017. When he ran the ball 20 times or more in a game, the team was 5-1. They were 0-10 whenever they failed to reach that plateau. So one would think he’d be knocking down the door of the new Bears coaching staff with a simple message. Get him the football.

Except that is not who Howard is. He’s said on several occasions that stats and personal accolades mean nothing to him. His stated goal has always been about winning. So when given a chance to state his vision for the new Bears offense, he didn’t mince words on where it’s focus would be.

Jordan Howards ready to play lieutenant to Mitch Trubisky

Jim McMahon got a lot of heat early in his career from Mike Ditka and the Bears coaches due to his tendency to change plays in the huddle. It didn’t take long though to realize his decisions were leading to victories. That was when the great Walter Payton told him to ignore the coaches and keep doing what he was doing. Payton understood the value of having a good quarterback after years of carrying the offense himself.

It may have fed his stats but it did little to help the team win. He’d be proud to hear what Howard had to say in regards to where he wants the Bears offense to go.

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“We’re going to build our offense around Mitch Trubisky. He’s going to be a star. We need to build around him and get him some more help so he can be as successful as he can be.”

Howard isn’t dumb. He’s also a pragmatist. He saw what happened in the Super Bowl. This league is driven by quarterbacks. The more success they have, the more a team wins football games. His job is to do anything and everything in his power to make the quarterback’s life easier. He’s done it well for two years. The trick is finding others like him at wide receiver and tight end who can do the same.

That is what this 2018 off-season will be focused on. If the Bears succeed, and this coaching staff lives up to its bill, then success won’t be far behind.