Rodney Hood, a 25-year-old wing with a 6’8 wingspan who’s averaging 16.4 ppg on 38.7% 3-point shooting, has become a hot name on the trade market. Hood’s contract expires at the end of the season, but he will be a restricted free agent, giving whichever team that trades for him a major leg-up in re-signing him.

With Nikola Mirotic gone, it’s hard to imagine the Bulls being able to acquire Hood unless they part ways with a first-round pick. So, Bulls, please don’t trade for Rodney Hood.

It makes sense that the Bulls are leaving no stone unturned, a lot of players/assets become available around this time that might not be as available, or as cheap, during other parts of the season. Hood is a good, young player that has multiple traits that make him a desirable player in today’s NBA. Picking up the phone and inquiring about him isn’t a mistake, but giving the Jazz what they want in return for him likely would be.

Hood makes plenty of sense for a team like the Thunder, who could desperately use another wing while their starting shooting guard Andre Roberson is out with an injury. The Pistons have also reportedly looked into Hood, who could add the type of impact alongside Reggie Jackson in their backcourt that could help push Detroit into the playoffs, something VP/Head Coach Stan Van Gundy seems Hellbent on doing after trading for Blake Griffin last month.

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The Bulls on the other hand? None of the players on the roster would be enough, even if combined together in a package, to land Hood, and Hood is certainly not good or cheap enough to warrant giving up a first-round pick.

Good for the Bulls for doing their due diligence, but his price tag has been set and it’s too high. Pass.