The White Sox made news on Thursday in re-signing Miguel Gonzalez to a one-year deal worth $4.75 million.

Gonzalez is no stranger to White Sox fans and at one point last season was the finest pitcher in the South Siders’s rotation. He was eventually traded to the Texas Rangers in August just before the playoff waiver wire expired. The White Sox were able to net Ti’Quan Forbes in the exchange, a former high-round pick with an immense ceiling. Forbes is only 21 years old and if the Rick Hahn casts another spell over the league he could double-dip on a┬ásecond deal involving Gonzalez at the trade deadline.

This appears to be the final move of the offseason for the White Sox. Jacob May was DFA’d to make room for Gonzalez on the 40-man roster and with the bullpen issues ironed out in the last trade with the Dodgers and Royals, adding Gonzalez checks the final box for the White Sox heading into Spring Training.

There is always a possibility that a suitor makes an enormous offer for Avisail Garcia, but given his history and a sluggish free-agent market, it is unlikely he will move before the mid-summer trade deadline. Yolmer Sanchez might have the most trade value among an evolving roster and Tyler Saladino is probably the next man on the chopping block if the White Sox grab another position player.

If Gonzalez can turn in another season similar to the one he had in 2017 the White Sox will be in good shape. He was a dependable starter that took the ball every fifth day and that will be critical to the White Sox surviving the 2018 season. Many believe this upcoming season will be the most difficult given the expectations on young talent and revolving door between Triple-A and the majors, and having reliable veterans will be imperative to surviving 2018.