Chicago Bears fans were waiting with baited breath. After an initial surge of belief that defensive coordinator Vic Fangio was set to return on a new deal, things fell completely silent. Word began to filter out that the 59-year old was stalling. Belief was he might be considering a job elsewhere with positions in Seattle and Arizona set to open up. Some even felt he may choose to wait until other teams filled their head coaching vacancies, putting the Bears in a difficult position.

Days passed and there was still nothing. Soon news came out that the team was beginning to sniff around other possible candidates such as James Bettcher in Arizona or free agent Chuck Pagano. They had to be ready in case Fangio elected to pass on their offer. Thankfully according to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune that won’t be necessary.

This is terrific news for the Bears defense which finished 9th in points allowed and 10th in total yards this past season. Fangio has done tremendous work rebuilding what was one of the oldest and most depleted units into league into one of the most formidable. His players have been urging the team brass to bring him back. It seems they got their wish.

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Vic Fangio retention came down to a good pitch and more money

A few days ago when the news hit that Fangio was considering a return, I reported that much of that was thanks to new head coach Matt Nagy. He made a strong pitch that his new offense combined with Fangio’s defense could get the Bears back to where they belong. However not even that was enough. Something else was needed, but what?

In the end, according to a source, the solution was simple.

“The Bears upped their offer.”

Money does indeed make the world go round. There was no question Fangio had plenty of leverage in this situation. After the year he’d just had there were plenty of teams interested in his services. Just wanting him back wouldn’t be enough. If the Bears were serious then they’d have to show it with their pocket books. It wouldn’t surprise if Fangio will be the highest paid defensive coordinator in the NFL when he signs his new contract.

Truth be told it’s money well spent. With him back in charge Nagy won’t have to worry about the defense at all. He’ll be free to place his entire focus on Mitch Trubisky and the offense, which is where it should be. If things go the direction this team is pointed, the 2018 season could be loads of fun.