Zach LaVine met with the media this morning to give everyone an update on his current situation. During the interview, LaVine was wearing a knee  brace, per the doctors orders. 

 At first it was thought that he could make a possible return in December. However, it looks as if January is now the more realistic option. 

It’s unfortunate to hear, but in the end it’s probably for the best. The Chicago Bulls are not contending for the playoffs this year, which allows LaVine to take his time. Zach was acquired last summer via the Jimmy Butler trade, and he was the top player that the Bulls got, along with Kris Dunn, and Lauri Markkanen. If he doesn’t pan out, then this rebuild will go down the drain real quickly. I mean who are we kidding, Gar Forman and John Paxson will probably still have their jobs, even if they screw it up. However, the fanbase needs to have a positive approach. What’s holding LaVine back? Even though he is progressing really fast, the conditioning has been the hardest part of his rehabilitation of the torn ACL.

LaVine will not travel with the team to Indiana. Instead, he will get the necessary practice and repitions that can build up his stamina, with the Windy City Bulls. He appreciates the help he has gotten from them, since he’s been with the team. Which in turn, will give him the necessary time to slowly rebuild his high tolerance of proper conditioning.

When asked if there is a set date, LaVine responded no that you just need to take it day by day, and everything will sort itself out.

I still dont know the exact date…i jUst know when my time is right conditioning is the biggest thing.. i liketo be the best conditioner on the floor… i know when i get my conditi back, i’ll be back on the floor…

just getting used to the speed Again… you can just tell i haVen’t been up and down a while. My conditioning is slow and then I get tired quickly… i need to get used to that again…

So patience is a key factor. Expectations are high and LaVine has never been on this type of position before, because he played behind Karl Anthony Towns, and Andrew Wiggins. Time will tell, but LaVine gives the fanbase a sense of optimism and excitement as his return is upon us.