I love when athletes mix it up on social media. Whether it’s Kevin Durant having fake accounts, or Yu Darvish documenting his free agency. It’s kind of been a boring offseason in MLB so far, but on Thursday there was a huge rumor posted that soon became the laughing stock of baseball Twitter.

So, Barstool Carl, co-host of Red Line Radio, and Cubs contributor for Barstool Sports, thought he had the biggest free agency scoop of the offseason. He tweeted out on Thursday that a deal was done between the Cubs and Yu Darvish after being checked by team doctors.

That was immediately met with some skepticism and then a few Cubs reporters weighed in.

However, Carl stood by his sources.

Then, it got really good, as Darvish, who earlier this week disputed a Japanese report that he’d be deciding where to sign before Christmas, directly addressed this supposed done deal with the Cubs.

But again, Carl wasn’t backing down.

Looks like that has been deleted. Then, the other foot dropped.

What a rollercoaster ride of emotions on another wise uneventful Thursday.

FWIW, I think the Cubs do end up signing Darvish eventually. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!