No, it’s not a vision quest. It’s not even as deep as you think but Vinnie Hinostroza is trying to find himself on Twitter.

Hinostroza had a decent rookie campaign with the Blackhawks last season. There were some ups and downs but he ended up with 14 points (6g 8a) in 49 games.

He was reportedly working out very hard in the offseason and put on some size. As a result he had a very good training camp but found himself assigned to the Rockford IceHogs.

He has been tearing it up in Rockford though. Vinnie is currently leading the IceHogs in points (22 points, 9g, 13a) and 13th in the AHL.

It’s well known that Hinostroza was upset about his assignment to start the season. All season he has been trying to prove the Blackhawks wrong and get their attention. It doesn’t seem to be working as the flailing team has yet to recall him.

When you’re playing well, you know people are talking about you. So Hinostroza  decided to search for his name on Twitter the other night to find out what people were saying. Turns out he liked it, literally liked the tweet.

Hinostroza doesn’t follow @thetoewsera, who only has 49 followers, and his handle wasn’t used for the tweet. This can mean only one thing, Hinostroza put his own name in the search to look for mentions.

i don’t blame him. He’s probably sitting in desolate Rockford and thinking, “I can’t be the only one who thinks I should be in Chicago. Let me go check Twitter to reaffirm what I already believe.”

Well he’s not wrong and people have been saying this and tweeting it for about a month already. The bad part is that it looks like he’ll have to wait for an injury to find a spot with the Blackhawks. It doesn’t look like they’re opening up a spot for him by sending anyone down.

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