It’s almost impossible to get a proper feel of what’s going on behind the scenes with the Chicago Bears. The organization is notorious for keeping an ironclad policy of no sharing of sensitive information with the media. Or anyone that might talk to the media. That’s why things like the Aaron Kromer smack talking of Jay Cutler back in 2014 was such a bombshell. What people want to know now is the situation regarding John Fox.

Namely in regards to his job status. Most whispers out of Halas Hall are he won’t be fired midseason. This despite it being the fervent desire of Bears fans everywhere. At the same time almost every arrow points to him getting the heave ho come January. Then GM Ryan Pace will pick a new coach. What may not be known is the crazy lengths Fox has considered going to in order to save himself.

John Fox might’ve flirted with idea of benching Trubisky vs. 49ers

It’s been said time and again that Fox is ill-equipped to develop a young quarterback. This is proven by his entire track record to date. All of his success was brought about by QBs who’d been molded elsewhere (Jake Delhomme and Peyton Manning). So it wouldn’t surprise that Fox might get cold feet on a rookie at the first signs of trouble.

I spoke with a source who told me the situation has gotten to a point where Fox has considered benching Mitch Trubisky in favor of bringing back Mike Glennon. Most of the time it was just brainstorming stuff after a loss. However, he came closest in the game against San Francisco, and the idea was not well-received.

“He even told the team at halftime against the Niners he was going with Glennon. There was outrage.”

Details on this are sketchy but the premise is not hard to believe at all. Fox is desperate. Odds are this is his last chance at being an NFL head coach. The only way to save himself is to win games and no doubt he’s convincing himself a change at quarterback might give the offense a jolt.

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Of course he’s delusional on that

Think about this. In four games Mike Glennon threw five interceptions. In eight games Trubisky has thrown four. Besides that it’s not Trubisky’s fault the running game has done nothing the past two weeks. If this story is true then it’s a sign Fox is grasping at straws. With four games left his only prayer is to run off four-straight wins. Being a man who survived through veteran quarterbacks, his last hope is the idea of turning to one.

Even if that one was already proven a false hope. It’s little wonder the players were against the idea. To this point Fox has given no indications he’s down on Trubisky to the public. He even called the Niners game the best the rookie has played. Then again Fox is a proven expert at misleading the public, so it’s hard to take him at his word for anything these days.