Earlier this week the hot stove turned up a notch with a new report that the Chicago Cubs were involved in trade talks with the Baltimore Orioles for Manny Machado. At first it was reported that the Orioles were interested in fan-favorite Javier Baez, but the latest news reveals more details of the trade conversations between the Cubs and Orioles.

According to Orioles beat reporter Roch Kubatko of MASN, the two teams discussed the following players in a possible swap for Machado.

Via Kubatko:

I’ve heard that the Cubs’ discussions with the Orioles included shortstop Addison Russell, center fielder Albert Almora Jr. and left-hander Mike Montgomery. The Orioles aren’t going to come away from a trade with the only pitcher being Montgomery, though they’d gladly take him as a needed southpaw.

To be clear, the conversation or proposed deal wasn’t Russell, Almora Jr. and Montgomery for Machado, simply that those players were talked about during the process according to Kubatko. The starting point of a trade in the mind of the Orioles (this is me speculating) was probably Russell or Almora and Montgomery plus another one of the Cubs top pitching prospect. Obviously it was’t all three because if it was Baltimore would be stupid not to make the trade. Machado hasn’t been traded, so that specific 3-for-1 wasn’t ever on the table.

I think we can all agree that while Montgomery has been great in his role as a swing man for the Cubs, they’d be more than willing to trade him in a deal for Machado. But for all of you panicking about the Cubs trading a young player like Addison Russell that isn’t going to be happening. As a matter of fact, it appears as though the Orioles aren’t trading Machado at least for now.

It’s pretty simple here. The Orioles have completely overvalued Machado’s value in the trade market and the obvious reason is that he’ll be a free agent after the 2018 season. Machado is going to field offers in free agency, so any team that trades for him isn’t guaranteed to re-sign him. For that reason alone, a team like the Cubs isn’t going to be trading up to four years of control of a young player like Russell or Baez and Almora according to the recent report by Kubatko.

Not really sure I get what the Orioles are doing because I doubt the offers are going to get better at the trade deadline for a three-month rental of Machado compared to the offers they’re receiving now.

Anyway, for those freaking out about losing Russell or Baez, those worries should be gone now.