So, in Chicago we’ve seen the report of the White Sox being involved in the Manny Machado trade conversation, but according to 670 The Score’s Bruce Levine, the Cubs are now in the mix too.

Levine went on the air and said his sources confirmed to him that both the Cubs and White Sox, along with several other teams, are still in the hunt to trade for Machado.

Of course the biggest drawback to a deal is that Machado will be a free agent after 2018, and the Baltimore Orioles are reportedly asking for the moon in any trade. On the other side, it’s MANNY FUCKING MACHADO!

Just imagine having MVP caliber third baseman Kris Bryant and next to him is MVP caliber shortstop Manny Machado oh and by the way there’s MVP caliber first baseman Anthony Rizzo.

The most interesting thing about Levine’s report is that he brought up Javier Baez being rumored to be the Orioles’ target in a trade, but he did later bring up Addison Russell, who seems like the obvious piece in a trade for Machado. Kyle Schwarber and Ian Happ could also be a factor as well.

The scariest thing from the Cubs prospective is giving up four years of  control in Russell for what could only end up being one year of Machado. However, you’d have to imagine that if the Cubs make this blockbuster trade they’d feel good about re-signing Machado after next season. They would also have the first shot at signing him next offseason.

What an interesting offseason this has turned into and now we might have a showdown in Chicago between the Cubs and White Sox for one of the best players in the game.