Now that the Chicago Bulls are officially the NBA’s newest “process,” sometimes it makes me happy to just sit back and watch our former favorites flourish on their new teams. Even Jimmy Butler yelling WTF makes me happy.

Fire, I miss fire.

I don’t care what anyone says, I really like this new look Minnesota team with Jimmy Butler, Taj Gibson, good ‘ol Coach Thibs, and even Jamal Crawford– who used to be a Bull what seems like 142 years ago.

Ohhhh, the good ‘ol days… Jimmy Butler yelling WTF

It makes my heart smile when I see they still have the same chemistry they did here in Chicago. It makes me happy knowing they’re happy, because, what else do we really have? Now, it REALLY made me happy to see Jimmy yelling WTF with that smug grin on his face, as he watched Taj Gibson’s half ass attempt at a full court heave fall about 13 miles short of the rim last night.

Did that not make you smile? Because if it didn’t, and this is just a wild guess, you may be dead inside. Honestly I’m glad to see our boys having fun somewhere else. Because for as much joy as they gave us watching them for so many years, they sure as hell enjoy it.