The slang term for a really “handsome” guy who is very appealing and looks really fashionable. He has to have swag and sex appeal and look sexy and attractive.
Daaaaaamn. Reggie Bush is a zaaaaaddy!!!

or… Daaaaaamn! Did you see that dude? He was a ZADDY!!!

As if I needed another reason to not watch the Bulls.

I promised myself a long time ago that if I was ever offered the attention of a woman, no matter how attractive she was with all that makeup and those God sent yoga pants on– if she referred to me as bae, zaddy, boo, or any other flavor of the week type dumb shit– I would tell them to kick rocks. I don’t have time for any of that theater and bullshit. Especially not when I spent a ton of money on a university education that pretty much dictates I uphold a certain respect and love for the English language.

Now here we are… I’m officially the old guy getting mad about the Bulls appealing to the younger generation.

This is my life now. I’m like a toned down Gran Torino character.