Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all love the Chicago Cubs. We don’t actually “hate” players, but goddamnit this better just be a favor by Jed Hoyer to drive up the market. For some reason, Hoyer isn’t ruling out a return for John Lackey to the Cubs.

He briefly talked about Lackey last week on 670 The Score, saying the Cubs would reach out to Lackey, but it didn’t seem he was seriously considering the veteran pitcher in free agency. Well, now at the GM meetings, Lackey was brought up again and Hoyer isn’t saying no for some reason.


You know, thanks for the two years John. The Cubs had the best season in forever in 2016, won the World Series and Lackey deserves credit for being a pretty good starter. But I’m good and I’m fairly confident that most Cubs fans are good with Lackey pitching elsewhere in 2018.

Let him yell at his teammates and blow up on umpires in some other uniform. Go sign with the Cardinals. That’d be great.

So, I’m not going to panic yet and think the Cubs actually want Lackey back. I’ll take this as the Cubs doing Lackey a favor to try and give him some leverage in any other negotiations. At least, that better be the case.