Alex Cobb has been connected to the Cubs since before they were officially eliminated from the postseason this fall. His fit with Chicago, who is losing close two pitchers who combined for 953.2 innings over the last three seasons, is apparent.

But, up until earlier, Cobb’s intentions this offseason were a mystery, but today the 30-year-old righty gave us some clarity. Cobb was a guest on MLB Network Radio and shared his thoughts on the Cubs, who just signed his former pitching coach Jim Hickey.

“Obviously, if we move down the line and we’re able to have some discussions with them, I’d be very honored to be able to talk with them and hopefully come to a deal,” Cobb said during an interview with MLB Network Radio.

Cobb also made a comment about “a decision that’s going to impact the next five years of your life.” Sounds like he is likely going to reject the qualifying offer from Tampa Bay, which is expected.

Cobb also went on to compliment both Hickey and his former manger Joe Maddon. Cobb expressed how grateful he is of Maddon, saying he ‘can’t say enough’ about what the skipper did for him as a young player in the Rays system.

And he even went as far as to call Jim Hickey a close friend, which has to make the Cubs feel good about their chances of signing the veteran pitcher.

But the biggest chunk of information came towards the end when he explained how he ranks prospective teams.

“You make a ranking system of what’s most important to you and your family,” Cobb said. “No. 1, first and foremost, is that we’re going to a place that we feel is going to be winners for the length of the contract. I’ve been through losing and winning seasons. The amount of joy that winning brings can’t be replaced by a dollar figure. That’s our No. 1 decision-based reasoning.”

After reading those comments, it sounds like it’s going to be hard to for other teams to convince Cobb the Cubs aren’t the team for him. With his relationship with Hickey and Maddon, on top of the Cubs clear need for an arm like Cobb, Chicago seems like a great place to call home.