Nate Burleson is a former veteran wide receiver in the NFL. He played 11 years in the league for three different teams and caught 480 passes. Most importantly he knows the difference between good and bad quarterbacks. After all he’s played with some good ones. He had Daunte Culpepper during his peak Minnesota years. Then it was off to Seattle for a few seasons with Matt Hasselbeck. Last but not least he ended his career in Detroit with Matthew Stafford.

So if anybody could be considered a proper judge of quarterback capability it’s him. He has first-hand experience on the matter. That’s why he was reluctant for the Chicago Bears to take Mitch Trubisky off his leash so soon. He knows what lack of preparation can do to a young quarterback.

In the end they made the decision, so Burleson waited like everybody else to see if the rookie would crumble. It didn’t take long for the veteran to reach an entirely different conclusion. (continue to next page)