The Chicago Bears training staff never gets much attention. That’s just the nature of their jobs. Not being in front of the cameras can make them an afterthought at times. However, their importance to the organization cannot be understated, particularly the head man in charge. That being the strength and conditioning coach. Their job is simple, but it’s far from easy. For those who aren’t sure what exactly they do, here’s a quick definition.

“A strength and conditioning coach is a fitness and physical performance professional who uses exercise prescription specifically, but not limited, to improve the performance of competitive athletes.”

Pretty straightforward, but that belies how difficult the job is in reality. One of the most unheralded parts is injury prevention. Preparation for a physical sport like football is not easy and like head coaching or quarterbacking there are only a select few men and women who can do it with consistent success.

The Bears are finding that out the hard way as their team is once again ravaged by injuries. This is something that has dogged them the past few years and it can be traced back to one key loss on their staff. (continue to next page)