Charles Woodson is a future Hall of Fame defensive back and one of the best to ever play. He takes a lot of pride in his profession and has a long history of dislike for quarterbacks. Especially the ones who talk a big game and never deliver. That would explain why he was arguably the biggest critic of former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler during his run in Green Bay.

Woodson personally intercepted Cutler three times in his career. He took a savage delight in calling the quarterback out for his shortcomings. On one Thursday Night game in 2012, the Packers intercepted him four times en route to a 23-10 victory. Cutler had openly challenged Green Bay’s secondary leading up to the game. So afterwards Woodson dropped the hammer.

“We understand that Jay is excited about, you know his new weapons but it’s the same, old Jay. You Don’t need luck. We just need to be in position and Jay will throw us the ball.”

It’s hard to argue that. Cutler has 22 career interceptions against Green Bay. Eight more than the next closest team (Minnesota). Woodson never had any respect for him. So would he level that same scruntiny on the Bears’ new young quarterback? (continue on next page)