A Chicago Bears trade rumor is always fun because fans love clinging to hope when their team isn’t that good. They believe the addition of one talented player might finally tip the scales in their favor. That was the hope with Jay Cutler in 2009, and with Brandon Marshall in 2012. To be fair those two deals did bring short-term gains but were ultimately unsuccessful in keeping the Bears near the top of the NFL heap.

Now the rumors are swirling up again. It’s easy to understand why. Chicago is 1-4 and have suffered a series of close calls that could easily have them 3-2. Most often the reason for these narrow misses is a lack of talent at wide receiver. The injury to Cameron Meredith continues to loom ever larger with each passing week.

What makes it even more frustrating is that #2 overall pick Mitch Trubisky is finally in the starting lineup. He has no legitimate weapons. This has increased the cries for GM Ryan Pace to find somebody. Anybody who can help. Of course free agency is picked clean. So that just leaves the trade market and there’s nobody who can be had for an affordable price. Right? (continue on next page)