Dowell Loggains Explains Why He Keeps Calling Trubisky Special


Last week Dowell Loggains called Mitch Trubisky “special.” It was a strange departure from his usual way of speaking to the media. He’d praise players from time to time but never went so far as to say they’re special. Trubisky is the first player to earn that honor from the Chicago Bears offensive coordinator. So why is he different from others?

This is a key question that people have wanted answers to, especially after the unfortunate loss to Minnesota where Trubisky threw the game-sealing interception. Loggains seemed totally unaffected by that. The same goes for the rest of his Bears teammates. So again, why? Trubisky is talented for sure but what makes him special?

Loggains was posed that exact question during his press conference following Wednesday practice. His answer provided more clarity into just who the Bears have chosen to be their quarterback of the future. (continue to next page)

Erik Lambert
Brainwashed by the sports culture as a wee lad, Erik was educated to be a writer at the prestigious Columbia College. He has spent the past 10 years covering the Bears.