Brian Urlacher mended fences with the Chicago Bears. He’s as invested as any fan in their success moving forward. That’s why he was excited to see rookie quarterback Mitch Trubisky in action for the first time. Urlacher was impressed with him during the preseason and thought he had certain qualities that could make him a success.

Like many others he tuned into Monday Night Football to watch the action. Given the array of quarterbacks he’s faced over the years like Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers, it’s safe to say he has a valid opinion worth hearing. Thankfully he was more than encouraged by what he saw as he told Rich Eisen during a call into his podcast show.

That sounds about right. Plenty for him to work on but plenty to be encouraged about. Urlacher spent most of his NFL career in Chicago playing with rough quarterbacks. Who can forget the Dark Ages of Kordell Stewart, Chris Chandler, Craig Krenzel, Jonathan Quinn and Chad Hutchinson? Imagine how he’s feeling now that the Bears have a talent like Trubisky.

It was surrounding that part of the discussion where the future Hall of Famer slipped in a fascinating nugget. (continue to next page)