New Chicago Bears budding star running back Tarik Cohen is the talk of the football world. His electric performance against the Atlanta Falcons that featured 150+ yards of total offense and a touchdown was too much fun to watch. Not that this was a surprise to people who have watched him for some time. Bears coaches and teammates saw it every day in practice.

Friends and family have seen it for years during his time in high school and then college at North Carolina A&T. They knew he was special, regardless of his 5’6″ size. It’s hard to argue that fact at this point. However, there is something else about Cohen that makes him so magnetic. He’s actually quite the character.

Already he’s established himself as a many of many nicknames from “Human Joystick” to “Chicken Salad.” He admitted to almost screaming like a girl when his hero Tyrann Mathieu direct messaged him on Twitter. The stories about the guy are equal parts plentiful and entertaining. None more so than what happened the day he got drafted.

Running back Tarik Cohen has been an absolute genius prankster

By now most people know what happened. In the fourth round of the NFL draft the Bears used their second of two picks to secure Cohen. It came as a surprise to many and a disappointment to others. For the always cool under pressure back though, he just couldn’t resist having a little fun and the expense of his fans.

In an interview with HBCU Gameday’s “Beyond the Yard” series, he admitted to hatching a little prank on everybody.

“I kept picking up my phone, acting like I was getting the call and just messing with everybody in the crowd. When I did get the call, it was a wonderful moment, probably the best moment in my life so far.”

Wow. That is not cool, Tarik. Okay admittedly that’s hilarious but it’s still kind of mean. Nonetheless he no doubt kept people on their toes with that decision. Eventually they were allowed to celebrate for real. One can only imagine their reaction when Cohen sliced up the defending NFC champions on opening day.

Based on early reactions from them, the city of Chicago hasn’t seen anything yet.