Fans Troll Kevin White With Harsh Edit of His Wikipedia Page

kevin white

At one point in time the Kevin White Wikipedia page was an active source of information. Chicago Bears fans wanted to learn all they could about the former West Virginia wide receiver. It was felt at the time they’d just gotten a potential star with his mix of 6’3″ size and 4.35 speed. All they had to do was watch him develop.

Fast forward three seasons and the page has become a desolate, depressing place. A location where people lament what could’ve been. Chicago watched as White broken the scapula in his shoulder, landing him on Injured Reserve for the third-straight season. This almost certainly has put an end to any idea that he can still be a viable receiver moving forward.

No doubt it also puts White in the territory of one of the biggest NFL draft busts in modern franchise history. If that sounds harsh, just wait to see what some angry Bears fan did to add insult to injury.

Kevin White Wikipedia page vandalized following injury news

There are so many emotions to process with this. On the one hand it’s quite funny and fitting due to the inescapable truth of it. At the same time one has to feel sympathy for White himself. He didn’t ask to keep getting injured like this. All he wanted to do was play football and help the Bears win games. His body just isn’t letting him do that.

This isn’t the first time its happened and won’t be the last. It’s a violent game. Some guys can’t hold up to the physicality of it. White is clearly one of those guys. It’s sad more than anything because he’s a talented athlete who loves the game. Nonetheless the Bears can’t keep waiting for him to show up. Odds are strong they’ve reached the conclusion to move on.