Amazon Unveils Loony Commercial for Bears vs. Packers TNF Game


A Bears vs. Packers Thursday Night Football game seems to have become an NFL tradition of late. They met on Thanksgiving night (a Thursday) in 2015. Last year they had their first meeting to unveil the color rush uniforms. True to form the league is going back to that well again with the two teams meeting on Thursday, September 28th in Green Bay.

Something new about this event is who might be seeing it. For the first time Amazon is going to stream the a prime-time game on their service, Amazon Prime. This is the next step for the worldwide conglomerate in the football arena after breaking ground with their hit series, “All or Nothing.”

So of course they decided to promote the event with a commercial. Only thing is their first attempt is a rather unusual and ill-fated attempt at comedy for one of the most enduring rivalries in professional sports.

Certainly not the most conventional way to hype up what should be an entertaining game. The Bears have two weeks in between before that trip to Wisconsin. They will face Tampa Bay this weekend before returning home for a game against Pittsburgh. There’s little question they have to win one of them. If they go to Green Bay 0-3, odds are their seasons ends that night at the hands of Aaron Rodgers.


Maybe Amazon will get a better idea of the magnitude this clash will represent by then. Practice makes perfect. Either that or use all that money to find somebody who does it better.