One of the many things that I love about Cubs fans is the pride they take in showing everyone how much they love their team. It doesn’t matter where you go in the United States, the odds of you seeing a Cubs t-shirt or Cubs hat are pretty good no matter where you travel (especially since they’re actually good now.)

The newest craze in the past decade has been the W flag that flies above Wrigley Field after the Cubs win their game. The flag has been around for about a century but it hasn’t been very popular until the 2015 social media campaign (#FlyTheW) really put the W flag into the limelight. When the #FlyTheW hashtag blew up on Twitter in 2015, it was pretty difficult to go anywhere in Chicago and NOT see the W flag flying.

I’ve been consumed by the flag obsession and I proudly fly a majestic W flag in my backyard for all my neighbors to see. Luckily, both of my neighbors are Cubs fans so I’ve never had an issue with them or their hatred for such a beautiful flag.

One Southwest suburban woman wasn’t so lucky.

Cassie McDonald of Tinley Park recently received an anonymous letter about her W flag that she flies proudly. Read the letter below and tell me that this isn’t the world’s crabbiest neighbor on Earth (and probably a White Sox or Cardinals fan.)

“Dear Neighbor,

After many conversations with other neighbors from across 167th street, we are asking if you could please take down your “w” flag off of your porch and put it on a flag pole, where it should be hung. Hanging it off your front porch is very frat house looking and makes our area look bad — just like the run down apartments on the North side of 167th just East of Harlem. If you haven’t noticed how trashy they look with their flags hanging off their balconies, maybe you will now.


Maybe it’s the jerk in me but this letter would only give me motivation to paint my entire house in pinstripes and construct a sound system to blare “Go Cubs Go!” at all times of the day. If you ever read this Cassie and you need some help decorating your house, just give me a call.

Fly that W proudly!