Stop me when you’ve heard this one before: The Cubs bullpen did some dancing today.

In what has turned into a pretty cool tradition this season, the Cubs bullpen has built quite the reputation for being phenomenal dancers. Ok, maybe not phenomenal but you get my point.

The pen has regularly celebrated home runs from their teammates this season which is shown on closed circuit TV in the home dug out for the rest of the team to openly laugh at.

Even the newest Cub, Justin Wilson, has gotten in on the fun.

Besides celebrating home runs, the bullpen has also engaged in challenging the visiting team’s pen to some friendly dance offs. We saw an earlier dance off this year between the Cubs and Brewers in May.

Well they were back at it again today but this time, they challenged the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Not quite sure why they felt the need to bust out those creepy masks but you got to go with what works for you I guess. Once again, another solid effort from relief pitcher (and self proclaimed best dancer in the bullpen) Carl Edwards.