Last week, I wrote about a 33-year-old Tinley Park woman named Cassie McDonald who found herself in quite the predicament. Being the faithful Cubs fan that she is, she found it appropriate to fly a ‘W’ flag over her front porch railing to show everyone in the neighborhood where her baseball loyalties lie.

Unfortunately, her cranky ass neighbors didn’t care.

Someone in the neighborhood wrote Cassie and her fiance, Jeff, an anonymous letter telling them they need to fly their flag on a flag pole because apparently a flag over the front porch makes the house look like a “frat house.”

Clearly when you look at the picture of Cassie and Jeff’s house it looks nothing like any frat house that I’ve seen (I mean, what frat do you know that has such immaculate landscaping?)

You would think the story would have ended with the couple telling their neighbors to go play in traffic but earlier today, there was an added twist (and more comedy) coming out of the story.

A gentlemen by the name of Daniel Schack, who works for Rico Industries, decided to pay Cassie a visit. If you’re unaware, Rico Industries is a company that makes officially licensed memorabilia for a variety of sports and after Daniel read the original article about Cassie’s no-fun neighbors, he decided to drop off a little “Cubs fun kit” to have a little fun with the neighborhood.

The picture had the following caption:

“Thank you Daniel from Rico Industries- the “W” icon manufacturer- for the box full of goodies!! The company caught wind of the whole flag fiasco and gifted us with alllllll of the W love!”

The box included flags, tattoos, beads, license plate holders, stickers, and of course — flags. I’ve never wanted anything more in life than to see an updated picture of the front of Cassie and Jeff’s house with every single last piece of Cubs merchandise pasted on the front of their house.

Better yet, I’d go door-to-door with the box of Cubs stuff offering free flags as a peace offering to help bury the hatchet.

Keep us posted Cassie!