A New Authentic Blackhawks Jersey Will Do More Than Just Hang On Your Body


Adidas unveiled their new ADIZERO NHL jerseys on June 21st that are lighter, cooler and stronger. These are features of an authentic on-ice jersey that a casual fan may not care about. So Adidas is giving Blackhawks fans and all hockey fans an incentive to buy an authentic NHL jersey instead of a replica.

Mike Forman, the Director of Marketing for the Carolina Hurricanes, tweeted that the authentic jerseys will have a scannable tag. This tag will give the owner the ability to access exclusive “Adidas hockey content.” He did not go any further on what the content would be.

Replica jerseys will not be Adidas branded but will carry the Fanatics label instead. For this reason, I would believe you will not get access to the content with a replica jersey.

If you have $220 to shell out for one of these new jerseys, you may want to act now.  That price has tax included and will get you free customization from the Blackhawks Store until September 14. After that, customized jerseys will probably go up to around $300 plus tax.

Personally, I would just check what stock they have left of the old Reebook replica jerseys at the Blackhawks Store because the collars on the Adidas jerseys look silly. They’re 60% off and have been for some time, so you have to act fast.

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