Mike Glennon may have said for weeks that he’s not nervous. He could’ve fooled Chicago Bears fans with his 2-for-8 affair in the preseason opener that included a pick-six on the first series. The Mitch Trubisky starter chants grew louder the moment that happened and they got even worse when the rookie first round pick finally got onto the field late in the first half.

Chicago may have lost the game 24-17, but nobody will be talking about that for the next week. Trubisky came onto the field and immediately looked like he belonged. In leading a touchdown drive to close out the half, he went 9-for-9 with a touchdown throw to Victor Cruz to cap it. He eventually went 10-for-10 before his first incompletion.

Mitch Trubisky starter chants are inevitable now

The rookie ended up leading two touchdown drives on the evening along with another that ended in a field goal. During that entire time he looked calm, poised in the pocket and threw some precise passes despite his receivers not always getting open or catching the ball when they should’ve. Two other passes were batted down.

He also showcased his undersold mobility. On a number of plays he didn’t find anybody open so he tucked the ball and ran for big yardage. It was an all-around impressive debut. Especially considering the Broncos were throwing a lot of blitzes and different looks at him.

Trubisky finished the night 18-of-25 for 168 yards and a touchdown with no turnovers. Considering that was in little over a half of football, it was something to applaud. When was the last time a Bears rookie QB looked like that in a preseason debut? Probably never. His execution was far beyond that of a man with only 13 college starts under his belt.

There is still plenty to work on. He was a bit sloppy at times with his reads and needs to learn how to throw through windows. That will come with more time and practice. As things stand though, Glennon is almost certain to feel the pressure after this.