It’s no secret that baseball on the South side of Chicago hasn’t been very good the past five years. The White Sox haven’t finished above .500 since 2012 and clearly won’t get past that mark this year as they currently sit 27 games under as we approach the third week of August.

Yes the team is rebuilding after they’ve sold off essentially every one of their best players this year to bolster their farm system but that doesn’t give them a pass from playing big league baseball games. I sat through the Cubs rebuild so trust me, I get how frustrating it is watching your favorite team try to compete with guys who have no business being on a big league roster. If I could quote my high school football coach as it pertains to the White Sox, “They don’t have any bullets left in their gun.”

With that said, I could really care less if the Sox win or lose. I respect what Rick Hahn has done by finally giving the Sox of vision of the future and I’ll be the first to tell you that if they’re able to hang on to all of those prospects (which is doubtful), they’ll definitely be able to complete in a few short years.

My only dislike about the White Sox has nothing to do with their players, management, or even their fans to be honest. It has everything to do with their dipshit broadcaster (and biggest homer) Hawk Harrelson. Fair or not, the Sox have been tied together with Harrelson since he took over broadcasting for them 33-years-ago and thankfully he’ll step away from the microphone after the 2018 season.

Part of what annoys me about the White Sox is the fact that many of their fans have bought into Hawk’s mantra of, “As long as we beat the Cubs, it’s a successful season.” I’m not saying all Sox fans buy into that but the fact a lot of White Sox fans I talked to were completely content with their season after they beat the Cubs during the first game of the Crosstown Classic was just comical to me. Harrelson himself was quoted as saying,

“I would rather beat the Cubs more than anybody,” Harrelson said, “so that definitely stamps me as a White Sox guy.”

Yes Hawk, you’re homerism for your beloved White Sox is unmistakable. So to be fair, since Hawk gets so fired up when the White Sox actually do win games, I thought it’d be nice (and hilarious) to listen to Hawk call some White Sox walk-off losses.

I tip my cap to the creator of this video, Andrew Vargha, for allowing me to actually HEAR the disappointment in Hawk’s voice.
I can’t wait until this guy’s broadcasting career is “ovah.”