After this latest draft, it became clearer than ever what Chicago Bears GM Ryan Pace was trying to do. He wanted to build the New Orleans Saints of the north. That’s to say the Saints teams of 2009 to 2013 when they were a perennial playoff contender. Go through the list of player acquisitions and the similarities are striking. Adam Shaheen is Jimmy Graham. Tarik Cohen is Darren Sproles. Eddie Jackson is Darren Sharper. Then of course there was the Mitch Trubisky Drew Brees comparison.

Of course that’s the one that matters most and absolutely nobody wanted to explore it. They thought it was way too early and might jinx the rookie. Being compared to a slam dunk Hall of Famer can be unfair. At the same time, there is almost nobody in football who can be a better source of learning material for a young QB.

Bears offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains understands that well. He knows his mission, above all else, is to make Trubisky a success. The best way to do that is hammering home the differences in what makes successful college QBs and successful NFL QBs. According to Dan Wiederer of the Chicago Tribune, the buzz word in that regard is “command.”

Mitch Trubisky Drew Brees connection is not off limits for teaching

“Recently, Loggains found himself watching “America’s Game: The 2009 New Orleans Saints.” In a series of clips, the NFL Films documentary showed Drew Brees directing traffic before the snap. Here was Brees reminding Reggie Bush to be ready for a hot route in the flat. Here was Brees directing tight end Billy Miller to motion to the right of the formation. Here was Brees asking receiver Lance Moore to shift up to the line of scrimmage.

Here he was again with Bush, on the sidelines this time, ordering the running back to commit to his path on an option route.

“Be decisive, OK?” Brees directed. “Either you’re running and you’re outrunning him now or you’re putting your foot in the ground and coming back. You make that determination and make it quick.”

Loggains pulled his iPhone out, took a video of the sequence and texted it to Trubisky. That, he wanted his young quarterback to know, is command.”

It’s a sequence that perfectly illustrates what the difference is between a good thrower of the football and a good quarterback. One can throw the nice spirals for long distances and produce the occasional highlight. The other is a field general who conducts an offense like a symphony orchestra. Every instrument must play flawlessly in order for the movement to be a success. It’s a difficult job that only an elite few can pull off.

Given his natural talent and work ethic, Trubisky is more than capable of reaching those levels himself. It’s about how dedicated he is to the craft and how well the team is able to coach and build around him. If they do their part then the dream of finally giving Chicago a true franchise quarterback will become a reality.