Fans were really holding out hope that things could still work out. Then again a Kyle Fuller trade should’ve been expected from the beginning. It must not be forgotten that this team belongs to Ryan Pace. His overarching mission since he took over in 2015 was to purge the roster of every player that his predecessors Jerry Angelo and Phil Emery added.

There are a few exceptions like Kyle Long who earned his way with Pro Bowl seasons. However, if any player not added by Pace failed to perform they’ve since been dismissed. Fuller was up and down in 2015 and then missed 2016 with a knee injury. He had to have a strong camp and preseason to save his job.

Unfortunately it appears he hasn’t done enough. After hinting at it initially a few days ago, Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune is now getting confirmation that the Bears will attempt to trade the embattled former first round pick before the roster cut down date on September 2nd.

Kyle Fuller trade becomes less “if” and more “when”

“The consensus in talking to people around the league is the Bears will likely attempt to trade cornerback Kyle Fuller before roster cuts are due at 3 p.m. on Sept. 2. That’s what I gathered after speaking with a variety of folks from other cities over the last week. They seem to think it’s a matter of when and not if the Bears try to deal the 2014 first-round draft pick. Whether this is legitimate or not remains to be seen but there’s an awful lot of smoke and usually where there’s smoke you’re eventually going to find a fire. “

It’s a real shame because there were moments that Fuller looked like he had tons of promise. Sadly scheme changes, injury and his own inconsistencies got in the way. Some may argue he has no value at this point but lets be honest. Fuller is 25-years old. He still has talent and the demand for corners in the NFL never ceases. If Pace could find takers for Jonathan Bostic, then he can do the same for Fuller.

Sure the return might not be huge, most likely a late round pick, but the Bears are at a point where they don’t have any use for him anymore. Watch teams like Carolina and Atlanta, both of whom have corner needs to express some interest. There will be others.