It’s crazy to think that nine months ago next week will mark the anniversary of the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series. Fans around the world took part in a celebration that was truly special and hopefully not the last of it’s kind. I was in Cleveland to witness history that November night and I ended up drinking a beer with a homeless guy from Cleveland around 3 AM and while that doesn’t seem very special, it’s definitely something I’ll remember for the rest of the my life.

Don’t ask how I ended up in that situation either.

Most Cubs fans watched Game 7 in the comfort of their own home with loved ones and once the Cubs sealed the deal…well….a lot of people sealed the deal as well. Chicago area hospitals are starting to notice a spike in the number of children being born which makes sense when you think about what happened nine months ago.

I can’t wait to read some of the names of these kids that were conceived during the World Series will have. A dedication to the pitcher who was throwing for the Cubs, Monty? Maybe a shout out to the guy who made the play on the slow roller, KB? Or maybe just keep it real simple and name the kid ‘Champ.’

Don’t worry about the fact that the kid will have to explain why the hell his parent’s named him ‘Champ’ for the rest of his life when it’s clear that his Mom and Dad had a bit too much fun celebrating the 2016 World Series Champions.