Sign Petition To Get Bryan Bickell “One More Shift”


Since Bryan Bickell announced his retirement due to MS, Blackhawks fans have been clamoring to get the good guy “One More Shift.” The Chicago Blackhawks have surely been listening but in case they haven’t, I decided to start a petition.

Bickell is still loved in Chicago and everyone has been rooting for him since his diagnosis. Bicks is a man with a huge heart, who is constantly giving back. He and wife, Amanda, have a foundation to create awareness for pit bulls and working with them to assist formerly abused children. Along with that, he now spends much of his time speaking and making appearances to raise money and create awareness for MS.

It would be great to get the petition going before the Blackhawks Convention this coming weekend. Bickell and family will be in town because their foundation is having a “Paws for a Cause 5K.” Proceeds will benefit a new program providing fully-trained service dogs, free of charge, to individuals living with Multiple Sclerosis.

Here is the link to sign the petition on and I surely hope you do. You will be letting Bickell know how much he means to you and the city as well as create more awareness to his causes.

Bryan Bickell was a member of three Stanley Cup winning Blackhawks teams and never received a proper send off with the organization. Let’s make this happen.

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