Cubs Twitter Page Destroys White Sox Insider Last Night


You know the Crosstown Classic is about to begin when you start to see the level of trolling increase dramatically on social media between Cubs and Sox fans. Cubs fans trolling the Sox rebuild, Sox fans trolling the Cubs struggles this season which always turns into someone taking it personal and calling the other team’s fan base “a bunch of f*cking idiots.”

We’ve all done it.

As I get older in age, I’ve realized you can still troll rival fans in a subtle, yet effective way. With the Classic set to begin today, two verified accounts on both sides of the city got into a mini Twitter beef last night which resulted in some pretty funny commentary.

Representing the White Sox contingent was CSN insider, Dan Hayes. His opponent? The official account of the Chicago Cubs.

The battle started out harmlessly enough with Hayes tweeting out newly acquired (and former Cub) Eloy Jimenez’s monster night he had in the Sox farm system. However, instead of just delivering the stats, Hayes decided to playfully throw some shade at Cubs fans with his last sentence of his tweet.

Of course, the trade he’s referring to occurred two weeks ago when the White Sox dealt Jose Quintana to the Cubs in exchange for a handful of prospects, highlighted by Eloy Jimenez. As a Cubs fan, I saw the tweet – laughed – and tipped my cap to Hayes for the A+ troll job. I think everyone in the city can agree that each team got what they wanted out of the trade and it’s really hard to gauge right now who “won” the trade.

Hayes was trolling, I get it.

The Cubs Twitter account took the troll bait and responded.

A Cubs fan then stepped in between the two and asked Hayes how he became a reporter in spite of his stupid tweet (once again, Hayes was trolling) to which Hayes responded…..

The Cubs account fired back one last time, dropped the mic, and left the entire conversation all together.

Cubs Twitter page for the win.

The first of four games begins today at 1:20 on the North side and as always, it should be a fun week to be a baseball fan in Chicago.