Chicago Bears and Players Call For Fans To Join “House Halas”


It’s no secret that Game of Throne is the single-biggest television program going in the world today. When people are super excited for a season trailer, you know it’s a pretty popular program. The twists, the turns, the characters and the edginess of it all makes it so compelling. So it was quite a fun thing when the Chicago Bears Twitter feed proclaimed “We will rise again” before announcing the arrival of “House Halas” to the world.

This is of course a play on the show itself with fans divided between the many factions like House Stark and House Lannister etc. It really did come out of nowhere and was accompanied by a gorgeous picture to bring it all together.

A thing of beauty. Naturally the response by fans was enthusiastic considering the seventh season of Game of Thrones was set to begin that same night. What they probably didn’t plan on was the response of their own players. It started with wide receiver Cameron Meredith who loved the pic so much that he made it his new profile picture.

Starting a House Halas call to arms

Then it was linebacker Danny Trevathan who took things to the next step. Sensing an opportunity, he took Meredith’s idea a step further by adding the hashtag #HouseHalas to it. In that way he was essentially sending a message to his fellow Bears brethren. Are you part of the new movement that will help the team rise again?

The Bears Twitter feed even asked that exact question when they saw what he did.

Suffice to say the response thus far is encouraging. John Timu, William Poehls, Charles Leno Jr., Roy Robertson-Harris, Lamarr Houston and Jordan Howard have all pledged their allegiance to House Halas. As the Game of Thrones premier draws ever closer, one can imagine more will join. This has a chance to be something pretty exciting to ride for both fans and players alike in the coming months.