Yoan Moncada Finally Got His Mojo Back


Tonight, the fans had a chance to get a glimpse of the future rotation. Giolito, Kopech, and Dunning all took the mound tonight, but none of them had a solid outing. Giolito struggled and didn’t even pitch a full five innings. He gave up three runs, five hits, five strikeouts, and four walks.┬áKopech, took the loss for the Birmingham Barons. He pitched four innings, gave up five hits, six runs, and walked four batters. While they struggled to find their game, Dunning did not have an opportunity to pitch, because of a rain out. So instead, a familiar face took advantage of the opportunity, and had one hell of a game.

With the All Star voting coming to an end, it gives players a last minute opportunity to prove their value. Although he’s one of the top vote getters, Yoan Moncada, has recently been struggling to find his groove at the plate. It has had no effect on the All Star vote, but it was great to see him back to his normal ways. Before Moncada got out of his slump, what really caught my attention, was his plate discipline, and the deep counts he faced in every at bat.

With that, Moncada has now walked 37 times this season, which is second best for the Charlotte Knights. This is what has helped him improve his approach at the plate, and it has definitely payed off. Tonight is an example, as to why it has helped him immensely. He’s able to read and identifiy pitches, which gives him a better opportunity to take control. Moncada went 2-2 tonight, with 1 HR, 4 RBI, and 2 BB.

Not to mention his home run was a moonshot. That ball was absolutely crushed.

Does this mean Moncada has finally ended his long slump? Nobody knows for sure, but Moncada himself. However, it’s probably safe to say that it is over, and that Yoan Moncada is back to his old self. If that is true, should we expect a call up to the Majors very soon? It probably won’t happen, but you never know. White Sox General Manager, Rick Hahn, has said numerous times that they don’t want to rush player development. It’s best to approach it slowly, and delicately. You want for your prospects to bloom and be successful, and that takes patience. Not to mention, this team is not going to contend for a year or two. When the time is right, Moncada will get the call, and he will be a phenomenal, professional, ball player.