This Story of Mitch Trubisky’s Birth is Equal Parts Hilarious and Shocking


By all accounts the new Chicago Bears quarterback in town is a pretty down-to-earth dude. He’s noted by teammates for his hard work. He likes country music and keeps a level of organization that makes one wonder if he has misdiagnosed OCD. A bit quirky but no reason to think he’s not just another normal guy who happens to be good at football. That is until people hear the Mitch Trubisky birth story.

Rich Campbell of the Chicago Tribune caught up with the 22-year olds’ family in recent weeks. The idea being to learn as much about the potential future franchise quarterback as possible. There were plenty of interesting details. Perhaps the most eye-opening one though was mentioned just briefly, almost as if there was an attempt at concealment.

Well no such luck. It turns out that there is a dirty, little secret Trubisky has been hiding.

Mitch Trubisky birth had been planned for “other side of the fence”

“Thinking back, maybe Mitch really was born to do this. After all, the first moments of his life did involve an audible.

The play call on Aug. 20, 1994, was, in fact, for Dave and Jeanne’s firstborn to be a girl. At least that’s what their doctor repeatedly indicated despite their request not to know in advance.

Kayla Rose Trubisky was scrapped in favor of Mitchell David. And from the start, he was wired to play sports.”

That’s right. All expectations going into the big arrival was that Mitch Trubisky was expected to be a girl. That immediately raises two points. That it’s undeniably funny and whether or not Kayla Trubisky would’ve been drafted #2 overall.

Truth be told this is no an uncommon occurrence. Hospitals can misidentify babies all the time. In fact there are some rare cases where they didn’t know a mother was having twins. It happens. Besides, it’s not like Mitch is the first major personality whose parents thought he’d be a girl. Wrestling legend Michael Hickenbottom, better known as the “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels, encountered the exact same reality.

It’s nothing more than a fun little story.